Off to Catch a Coyote Book CoverLeave your shoes by the door, hang up your jacket, and take a seat by the fire. If you want, crack open a beer and spend some time poking around the website. To the left, you can click on the book covers to jump directly to information about each book. Or you can use the menu bar at the top of the page as your GPS to navigate around the website searching for more information about PT Thomas, Hugh John, and maybe even me, HL Miller.

Who am I, well in a nutshell, I write books with characters who enjoy the same things I do, only they somehow find themselves in dangerous situations. My characters fish, hunt, drink, and sometimes have sex. If you don’t like those activities, you probably won’t like my books. If you do like hunting, fishing, drinking, and sex, stick around and see if you like my books.

Other than writing books I’m not that interesting. If you’re still reading this, I suggest the PT Thomas page followed by reading The Spearing with a glass of Old Smuggler.