Off to Find a Killer

Off to Find a Killer Book Cover

PT Thomas and Hugh John return from a bear hunting trip on the Yukon River. They stop for gas at Farmer’s Loop Texaco just off the Steese Highway. When Hugh and PT go on trips together they make sure they share all the expenses and they always make sure whoever’s truck they took on the trip is filled with gas at the end of the trip. Late at night but still with plenty of June arctic sunshine, Hugh goes inside to pay for the gas while PT pumps it. In an instant, they go from hunting bears to a shootout with a pair of convenience store robbers.

​PT and Hugh survive the battle but when PT is attacked and Hugh’s family is stalked, PT realizes a war has started.

For a short teaser, sample chapter, of the book click on the picture of the book cover.

Extra Info: In the book Margi comments to Hugh that PT has to kill so many bears because he “likes to do the deed” on them and the bear fur ends up ruined. I can accurately report based on conversations I have overheard between my Mom and Aunt, endless stories PT has told me of his conquests, and a shoebox full of polaroids, that Margi’s comment is completely true.