Off to the East Fork

Off to the East Fork Book CoverScabs is a small town teenager with a bad nickname and a dream, leave town after high school for college. His family can barely make ends meet, so to pay for college he makes his own plan, find a job, work hard, save his wages, and if he’s lucky that will pay for one year of college.

A chance encounter gives him a hint to the location of a wanted fugitive hiding in the wilderness. The reward for the fugitive would pay for all of his college. Will Scabs risk his job on the slim chance he can find and apprehend the fugitive?

Off to the East Fork is a coming of age story set in the rural East Fork of the Bitterroot River filled with offbeat characters and a ghost writer who can’t leave well enough alone.

For a short teaser, sample chapter, of the book click on the picture of the book cover.

Extra Info: While working on this book I hiked into the lakes mentioned in the books. Like Scabs, it was my first time seeing Rain Lake and I hadn’t been to Myth Lake in 40 years. The background of the front cover is a picture I took that day of the trail running through the bear grass as you leave the high saddle and descend toward the lakes. Over the trail is the East Fork of the Bitterroot River with all its tributaries.